Buying Princess Peach’s Castle [ article ]

Only $950,972,940?! I probably have that much change in my couch. Mushroom Kingdom, here I come!

source: Movoto


  • marvin

    But what is the dollar to coin exchange rate

  • Loftydreamer

    Well I guess the mushroom trade is far more luxurious than whatever Hyrule has going for it.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    … This math doesn’t work out right. It’s 2099 per square feet (which sounds absurdly high, so I’m assuming that’s where the error is), and 453060. 2099 * 453060 = 950.9 BILLION, not 950.9 million.

    • Xanthic

      Some countries use , instead of . in numbers to mark the decimal point.

    • Anthony

      Nope, it’s definitely 950,972,940 which is ‘only’ 950.9 million.

      • TheyCallMeTomu

        Yeah, I have no idea how I made a mistake to be off by a factor of a thousand. Just thinking about it obviously, if it was 1,000 per square foot, 400,000 would be 400 million.

        I assume I have some kind of degenerative brain disease that causes me to misread the number of zeros on something. Derp herp.

  • Samuel

    Well, I guess since Mario does go around collecting gold coins that seem to be roughly half the size of a human being… I can only imagine that would be worth quite a good bit in todays market. All in all, I could believe those being a reasonable cost for a castle.