Atari – 40 Years of Fun! [ article ]

It’s just wouldn’t be the history of Atari without mentioning E.T.

On a related note, it’s funny seeing Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak mentioned in this infographic before their days at Apple. Especially since Apple is now on the verge of becoming the first company worth one trillion dollars. Man, how times changes.

source: Mashable


  • PrinceJonathan

    Ah Atari, so many memories I can barely remember. I still have a few Atari games in a box somewhere, the console was sold at a yard sale years ago. Only console I know of that had a wood finish.

    I can remember playing Centipede, the awful Pacman version, some Gran Prix racing thing, a helicopter game…and Solaris I think was my favorite even though I could hardly get it to work and I didn’t know what dafuq I was doing.

    • Vortigar

      Same here, Solaris was da bomb.

      But was there actually a point to that game, was it going anywhere? A job for wikipedia!
      “The ultimate goal of Solaris is to reach the planet Solaris and rescue its colonists, at which point the game ends in victory.”
      Holy crap, that thing has an ending? I always imagined all kinds of plots for the mad stuff going on on the screen. Glorious madness.

      Also, River Raid 1 and 2 ruled. Never managed to finish them either.

  • Triaxx2

    Oh, how I love classic Atari. (I still have one.) And how I despise Infogrames Atari simulator. Rushing Temple of Elemental Evil, Refusing to release the license for Total Annihilation.

  • Falos

    TImeline in disguise. Or possibly sloshed after drinking too much.

    “Graphic designers” have too much time on their hands, I reckon. Don’t forget to keep cleaning Comic Sans off the face of the Earth, guys.