Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon [ article ]

According to Piika (this infographic’s creator):

I used these statistics that were going around a while back, as well as my own calculations for all of Ash’s XY Pokémon. Please note that this only covers wins in official league, Frontier, and gym battles. Apologies if there are any mistakes (and that it’s bound to become outdated pretty soon)!


source: Piika Art!


  • FlyingPurpleHippo

    I miss the squirtle squad, and charizard :(

  • Neil Dunsmore

    Clever concept. I love how angry Charizard looks despite the fact that most of his losses were completely his fault.

  • Clay

    I love how terrified Kingler looks. That Snorlax isn’t going to fit on that tiny step forever, and when he fall’s it’s going to be cracked crab.

  • No Butterfree? He did battle in the Cerulean Gym against Misty.

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    I guess this shows how long it’s been since I last watched the anime cause I didn’t know he even had 75% of the Pokemon listed.

  • Hegalica

    Lapras won against Blastoise during an Orange Islands Gymbattle….