A Technology Timeline of the PlayStation [ article ]

I think this should be the most non-controversial infographic that I have ever posted on Dueling Analogs. I don’t really think that a Playstation timeline is subjective, but if it is I expect to see something about it in the comment sections. If not, I hope you still enjoy this infographic all the same.


  • BigLord

    That third feature of the PS4… heh. Shame that it should be a feature :\

    • Meh.

      I was about to say that. We live in a sad, sad time for video games.

      Oh well, what the fuck, I don’t care about consoles anyway.

  • Just looking at the best-selling games on each console can tell you a LOT about how gaming tastes and society changed over the years.

    • Kintrex

      Two GTs and a FF, then two GTs and a GTA, then two CoDs and a GTA. Except for the FF, not much has changed.

  • Jorlem

    Shouldn’t the infographic mention the Playstation’s beginnings as a Nintendo disc system add-on?

    • Jorlem


    • Alexander

      They’re probably Sony fanboys that don’t want to “enable” the Nintendo fanboys. :P “See! You’re system wouldn’t even exist without us!!!!”

  • Alexander

    “First Playstation to have Blu-ray and Motion Sensing technology”. They say that like as if Blu-ray actually existed before the PS1 was ever released. I could see motion sensing being possible back then, but not actually used because it wasn’t “cool” enough, but Blu-ray? Really?

    • Wryy

      They could have waited for it till PS4 or made it a late PS2 addon.
      It doesn’t matter if it was possible before, that’s why it’s a timeline.

      If history tell us “the first to…”, that’s because it happened then.

      • Alexander

        The way I read it, it seems to imply that it was possible beforehand.

        And technically, they could still make it a late PS2 addon. If they really wanted to, they could even make a Blu-ray player addon for the PS1. :P

        Of course, it’s extremely unlikely that they will, what with the expenses of doing so and the complete lack of demand for such a addon and whatnot. Seriously, who would even buy a Blu-ray addon for their PS1?

        • Wryy

          So I could buy the 1-disc Blu-Ray edition of MGS and the various RPGs :p