9 Tips for Taking Your Game to the Next Level [ article ]

Tip #10: make the game fun. If you can make the game fun, tips 1-9 merely become suggestions.

Update: Just want to let everyone know, that you guys dissecting this infographic is the best part of posting them for me. Almost makes me want to find the most factually inaccurate ones to repost here… But then again, maybe I already have ;)

source: HeroEngine


  • Kal

    bollocks its a 1000

  • Ryu

    “I read that Knights of the Old Republic has a script of about 250,000 words, and SWTOR is about 10 times that size… I don’t know if that’s accurate, but I definitely feel like 40,000 is underselling video game scripts hard.”

  • YetAnotherBob

    So wait. 7 games are sold a second? That’s 220 million, not billion. But I’m not sure what’s worse, since this infographic says the average sale price of a game is 10 cents or $100.

    What’s more distressing is a 27-minute cutscene. At that rate, I can classify most TV shows as video games with really crappy gameplay, but 22 minute cutscenes.

    Oh. Wait. The 27 min cutscene is Metal Gear Solid 4. That… kind of explains it.

    • Leosoul

      While I don’t claim to have any numbers to back this up, the infographic is claiming that the industry as a whole is $24.75b. That should include everything- the wages paid to employees, the losses taken selling consoles at a loss (when it occurs), and the large number of games that just straight out flop and don’t earn back their production costs.

      However, going by some of the stuff, it would seem that they aren’t counting computer gaming in the graphics, or at the very least not MMOs. I don’t like WoW, or like giving it any recognition, but I can’t imagine that game has only 40k words in it’s script.

    • Duplet

      27 minutes is nothing. The Xenosaga games had cutscenes pushing an hour in length.

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    What pisses me off is the “Average gamer plays 5 days worth of games per year” statistic. It’s blatantly wrong. The statistic it links to in the footnote is for ALL PEOPLE IN THE U.S. Not just gamers. Also, it only counts people 12 or older. So, this statistic does not count kids under twelve, or people outside the U.S.

    Bad Hero Engine, bad! Get your facts straight before you publish them! As if the average gamer only spends 1/78th of his/her time on video games. For shame!

  • lolwat

    23 minutes? Really? Have they never heard of Xenogears?

  • Metal C0Mmander

    I don’t know why since it’s kinda obvious but the concept of getting better rewards if you do something hard or tedious is something I never thought about.

    • ThisIsNotDan

      You must have enjoyed Morrowind, then.

  • MaddoxFan

    Horrible grammar and non-scientific claims. That’s the problem with all of the infographics here.

  • Mygaffer

    A lot of the stuff in the “tips” section is questionable. Some great games have zero plot at all and their spiel about interfaces is a little ridiculous.
    Also, I think that 5 days of gaming a year is probably low for most of the visitors to this site. I calculate that I am on track to play ~20 days of gaming this year.

  • Pat

    This infographic makes me angry. I mean, REALLY angry.
    Not only are some (if not most) facts plain wrong, it also doesn’t care to MENTION WHICH GAMES they are talking about!
    Which game has 40000 words?
    Which game has a 27 minute cut scene?
    Which game has 1000 enemies on screen?

  • Ishbane

    Nethergate: 150k words. http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/nethergate/index.html

    Written by one person, and that’s just one of his many games.

  • Gacu666

    Hardly true. Supreme commander has the option to play a 2500 units per side (or maybe even 5000 cant remember though). There can be 8 sides of the conflict. Even counting buildings as 1/5 of the number then there are about 2000 units per side. So if I’m side A fighting side B through H then I’ve got about 14000 enemies to conquer :).

  • Kaemon

    Really? 2009 Tournament giving a price of 50.000 $ is on that list?
    Or the infographic is really old, or I don’t know what to think. What about Dota 2 2011 and 2012 International giving both times 1.000.000$ to the winning team (of 5 players)? Not to mention the 2013 price will be bigger.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    It seems like most of these infographics are written by journalists who know nothing about the industry coming into the piece and spend woefully little time researching it before they publish. This one didn’t even check his math! Probably majored in English or something.

    • Triaxx2

      Can’t have majored in english. Otherwise he’d have noticed that cutscenes are not games.

  • Rath

    Average Gamer plays 5 days of games a year wtf? D: I put over 200 hours into dota in just two weeks once.

  • Pat

    5 days are 120 hours. Even when I’m only playing three hours a day, I would have used up that time in little under one and a half months.

  • IT

    Players love choices. Meaningful ones. Not “we’ll give you the illusion of choice, but in the end it’s two different pathways towards the same goal”.

    I’m not *even* talking about the ME3 debacle, this happens a lot in games.

    “Your choices matter.”

    Not unless you’re playing Bladerunner, apparently…