5 Video Game Stereotypes Debunked [ article ]

Is it weird that I know more gamers that match these stereotypes than don’t?


  • Triaxx2

    I match more stereotypes than I don’t, but mostly it’s a result of me, rather than the games.

  • austin128

    I don’t know where everyone else is living, but I don’t know one girl I’m close to that’s a “gamer”. When they’re saying “plays games”, do they include cell phone games?

    • mschwartz

      “When they’re saying “plays games”, do they include cell phone games?”
      No, only real video games. Angry Birds doesn’t count.

    • Alli

      I’m a girl gamer :D go to a midnight release of a game in your town and I’d hope there’d be at least one girl there (besides somebody’s mom)

      • But someone’s mom could still be a gamer too. Don’t want to ignore that demographic.

        • Tres

          Plus, some gamers’ Moms are HOT! Which is good fer us old fogey gamers. }8@)

    • Mia_Ravana

      I am a girl gamer, who games with many others. I play Skyrim, run Pathfinder games, have painted my own minis, still play the snes in my home, and own more gaming paraphernalia than my boyfriend. I have played in D&D games that involved more girls than guys. If you do not see girl gamers, I would think you are not looking in the right places. I live in a small town in Texas (about 20,000 population) and I can name at least 10 girl gamers that I know personally. Part of the issue, is that many male gamers either are creepy to us or treat us like idiots. Treat us like any other gamer, and you may see us more! Good luck and just know we are out there!

      • Alyssa

        …are you me?

    • jim

      If they are including cellphone games and stuff like that then I don’t think I know a girl who isn’t a gamer. I know more girls who play console and pc games than not.

  • CJ

    …Wow, as a gamer, this feels refreshing I’m not the only one who knows this…

  • Zing

    This is clearly biased by the subset of users on that website. I suspect that not many mainstream gamers are members. I’m surprised you even posted this, since it is such a clear distortion of reality.

    • Let’s take a look at some of the presidential polls that are out there like Zogby and Rasmussen. Those take a sample of 1,000 people to generate a pretty accurate sample overall. This infographic used a sample of 70,000 people. That’s a pretty decent amount. It does add some validity to the infographics claims, no that does not mean it’s completely accurate, but does add some validity.

  • djent

    Somehow I don’t feel like 2-6% is a terribly significant statistic….This feels forced.

    • Falos

      This reminds me of when the PvP numbers for WoW were posted, and the win rates were within about 2% of each other for alliance and horde. Apparently everyone forgot both factions are composed of the same stock: ordinary noobs, elitists, gamers, tryhards, loudmouths, etc.

      Turns out gamers are pretty much ordinary people too (the line blurs more everyday, not sure how I feel about that) and their numbers for everything from diet to music were unsurprisingly similar to the whole population.

  • Happymoose

    I have to say that this is true, now saying that all my friends play games would be biased, buy a lot of my (older) coworkers play too, Even my mom has several games systems. Yet I’m considered the “Nerdy” one in my family. Plus I know many female gamers, we are out there for sure, but don’t like to admit to it because it isn’t often seen as a good thing, I can’t play any type of online shooter with a headset, because many male players tend to be very verbally abusive. I just let my bullets speak for themselves.

  • Marcus

    I question the validity of these charts.

    • demi

      Same here. Not every gamer uses lumosity, so it could be an inaccurate representation of gamers as a whole. The one that made me start questioning it was the female gamers question. I know they exist, but they’re still vastly outnumbered by the amount of men, so 30% seems awfully high.

  • BaloogyMcBoy

    I wanna know what the confidence rating is for these stats, P<0.05 ftw!

  • Phaelin

    So, if I make my very unscientific research into an infographic, it becomes fact? Cool!

    • As long as it’s interesting and uses fun pictures ;)

      • Phaelin

        Not that I disagree with the point of the results, of course. I’m all for debunking the geek stereotypes. :P

  • iBola Virus

    Does rockband count as a musical instrument?

    • Woofaire

      Is mayonnaise an instrument?

  • Ryu

    “The problem is, we don’t know what definitions they’re using here. What does ‘gamer’ mean to them? I’d say the meatheads who sit around and play Call of Duty and talk shit to little kids are not the kind of people I want to associate as gamers. Also, people that play WiiFit and WiiSports or cell phone games are also not really gamers (if that’s all they play), nor is someone who occasionally games (like less than 10 hours a week, which should not be hard to achieve even for someone who is busy with work or school).”

    “Also, does this count people who play tabletop RPGs, those people aren’t the same kind of gamer, but they’re sure as hell gamers. In the end, the stereotypes are not about ‘people who play video games’ because that’s a lot of people nowadays. The question is, how many of them are *gamers*.”

  • Sixclaws

    Count me out of the blueberry statistic. As someone who lives in the Caribbean was always curious as to why the fuzz about blueberries. Finally managed to buy some and let me tell you: They’re disgusting.

    Blueberries and cranberry juice are some of the foulest things I have tasted and I have no idea why you guys like it so much.

    • I’m guessing you can’t get hold of fresh blueberries in the Caribbean then? The local blueberries here in Sweden are deeelicious! especially with cream/fat milk and perhaps a bit of sugar if they weren’t gathered on a sunny day. ^^

    • I don’t really like blueberries and cranberries as well, even after tasting them when they were in season and of good quality. Nah, I’ll rather have cherries directly from the local farms when they’re in season. Those really dark cherries are sooo delicious!

      I love using garlic in food by the way as well as eating good quality fish such as eel.

  • K7

    Eh… some of those % are rather low…

    Saying 6% do better in arithmetic is also saying 94% don’t…

    • Vilecat

      The 6% is the margin between non-gamers and gamers, not 6% of the gamers who were asked about the topic. In other words, it’s the cumulatives of gamers and non-gamers that have a margin of 6%.