10 Urban Myths of Gaming [ article ]

This infographic is sort of like a creepypasta, except more enjoyable to read.


  • Thw0rted

    This is funny, I just finished listening to an Indoor Kids episode that covered about half of these — in 2011. “Spooky” coincidence?

  • Alexander Merchant

    This infographic is stupid. Half of it was actually debunked, but the other half is basically just “I don’t actually have any proof whatsoever, but I’m not superstitious therefore I’m 100% right!!!”

    Even if curses/ghosts/etc aren’t real, that’s still an incredibly stupid way to “debunk” a myth. It’s really not much different from “MY RELIGION IS RIGHT AND YOU’RE GOING TO HELL/HADES/UNDERWORLD/ETC FOR BELIEVING OTHERWISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Jay Carr

      Exactly, I was really hoping for contravening evidence, or at least a lot of evidence that showed the premise of the myth to be unlikely. Saying “well, it’s silly so it isn’t true”…isn’t really an argument.

  • Lamont Lloyd

    Does anyone remember all the Myths surrounding Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Hyper Fighting, or something like that? The one I remember the most was when everyone kept saying Guile had a secret instakill move.

    It said that if you stood in the certain corner of the screen and did some kind of motion with the joystick, he would throw at handcuffs, and then shoot you lol.

    ~ Fallout4News.org