Xbox 360 Doesn’t What Ninten-does [ IMAGE ]

One of the regulars, Scott, mentioned this image in another post’s comment thread. But I felt it deserved to be shown front page. This is just awesome. Thanks Scott for letting me know about this.

source: FAIL Blog


  • I wish my NES still worked. Pretty sure it’s just the power supply that went bad. Should really get around to testing that.

    • Pirated Famicoms are still going strong in Asia, two and a half decades after the last licensed game was released.

      Often redesigned to look like the latest-gen consoles, but running the same proven 8-bit chipset. Packaged with 1001-in-1 cartridges (of which a hundred or so games actually work, running the gamut from the original Super Mario Bros and Contra to odd hacks with a Mario sprite replacing the protagonist).

      Spot about USD30 or maybe far less and it’s yours.

  • Nuckel

    True, I think that even my good old first generation Gameboy would do the job but I will leave it where it is until it’s time to bring it out after some more decades when the values are rising.

  • bidoopoo

    But to be fair the Nintendo does have the advantage of “creative kludging” of problems the Xbox will never have.

    Like blowing on a cartridge to get it to play, or using a folded up piece of cardboard between the game and the game-slot to keep a buggy Mario cartridge working.

    Most you can do with an Xbox is cry and ship it back to Microsoft, and in that order.

    • Phaelin

      With additional follow-up crying. Also, I also had to wedge a second cartridge behind the one I was actually playing to get it to work half the time. (Discovered by my parents to work, as I was four and confused as to why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had a racing game on it. (Rad Racer))

  • JDavis

    Happily, my 360 still works (it’s from the batch just before the HDMI port became standard). My NES on the other hand… 80% chance of not loading. No blinking screen, I had to cut the lockout chip to get my copy of Astyanax to work, and that kills the blinking. Now you just get blank gray when it doesn’t load. … At least I’ve got my Famicom and an adapter.

    • Phaelin

      I’m with you on that one. My 360 is a beast and hasn’t stopped working since I bought it a couple years back. (18th birthday to be exact.) The same goes for my fiancée’s box. They’re pretty solid systems, and I hate it that so many people have issues with theirs.

      • I’ve got an original model. Did get the RRoD, but it works fine after the fix. Still, I’ve never had an NES go bad. And I own quite a few of them.

      • bidoopoo

        @ Phaelin

        Must not make joke about his fiancée’s box, must not make joke about his fiancée’s box, must not make joke about his fiancée’s box.

        • His fiancée’s box… It is a pretty solid system.

          His fiancée’s box… No issues with it, but many people have issues with theirs.

          His fiancée’s box… It has an X across it.

          His fiancée’s box… Certified free of red rings.


  • Lax

    Now they’re gonna release the Xbox 360 Slim, where the console will automatically shut down if it overheats and thus prevent the RRD (Red Ring of Death). Also, the cooling will be moved topside. So, hopefully this latest model will be worth buying and not just trying to keep up with the PS3 Slim

  • Ejigantor

    My 360Elite RRoD’d after about 2 years – got it back from MS in a week with a free month of XBL to boot.

    That said, still rockin my SNES, and I put almost as many hours on that each year as I do on my 360
    (don’t have my NES anymore- my mom sold it when I got the snes because I obviously wouldn’t need the old one anymore…. *tear*)