Why Stop at Violence? [ IMAGE ]

People who do not play video games, nor understand what they really are, are always the first to demand its head on a plate whenever something goes violently wrong. The problem with this philosophy is that if video games were really the cause of violent behaviors, the world would already be a wasteland of death and destruction. Yet oddly enough it isn’t.

In my experiences, the only aggressions I’ve seen that stem from video games are caused by either poor game design (including op enemies), hardware/system malfunctions and/or dealing with jerks when playing online. That’s pretty much it.

Whether its stomping a walking mushroom or getting off a headshot at 350 meters we understand its just a game. We know these polygons and sprites are not real living creatures. They’re just parts of a larger fantasy world that we escape to, every now and then, to relax. Because we know how to relax. Maybe you should learn how to too.

source: deviantART