What the Puck… Man?! [ IMAGE ]

I am willing to admit that I too contributed to those economic losses.


  • wut

    Doesn’t it mean that you have an actual job?

    • I DO have an actual job that has nothing to do with gaming or webcomics. Does this come as a surprise?

      • Kyle

        Steve, I suspect the world believes all webcomic artists are independently wealthy, supporting themselves off their webcomic donations, merchandise, and other related income. In reality, very few actually reach that level, and simply do their sites as a hobby they love.

        Hearing you have a day job doesn’t surprise me, though, although it does make me curious as to what you do…?

        • Phaelin

          Steve’s a pro-hooker. Obviously.

        • Just click the link on my name on any comment I post and that will take you to my portfolio site.

          • Kyle

            I did, after my post. You have quite the portfolio; more than I expected. :)

      • Wait…you’re the guy that designed Homestar Runner?!? My childhood memories and adult(ish) pastimes have just violently collided and exploded into awesomeness.

        • Phaelin

          That was his own version of the Homestar Runner opening screen. Slightly different.

          You’re looking for the Brothers Chaps

  • Jason

    Didn’t see this mentioned in the post, but it is still playable – http://www.google.com/pacman

  • Niliamann

    Amount of time distracted from my job? Probably more like amount of time distracted from my normal distractions from my job~