What the Chell? [ IMAGE ]

This is awesome and deserves to be shared.

Heck, I wouldn’t mind watching The Animated Adventures of Chell and her Weighted Companion Cube. She could even take it for walks in the park.

source: deviantART


  • Gathma


  • meh

    Wait… She exits headfirst, which means either she dove into a portal on the ground/wall, or she jumped up through one on the ceiling with a superhuman leap, neither of which would happen in the game. I guess the creator wasn’t really concerned with accuracy, then.

    • meh

      Oh, and the portal appears but a second before she flies through it, so she must’ve been moving while it was shot. So either she was aiming while shooting up into the air towards a portal on the ceiling, or she aimed and shot that portal upside-down while falling. The latter would make her place it upside-down, though, and then come through it backwards, so I guess she had to be shooting up through a ceiling portal.

    • The1stVolc

      Have you never seen the trailers? Chell does more than a boring dive into a portal she creates while falling. She does a front flip and a back flip. Just look up Aperture Investment Opportunity #4: “Boots” on Youtube.

      • meh

        I know, I’ve seen the trailers, but noticed that crouched, knee-raised position she exits the portal with in this picture? Imagine holding or assuming that pose upside-down while falling. It wouldn’t exactly be easy.

        • MDX

          Why do you even care? Why do you search for details to bitch on?! GAWD!

          • thewood

            I’m sure she bounced up using an aerial faith plate or some bouncy gel (I think that was the blue stuff, been a while). Right before she hit the blue portal on the ceiling she twisted in air and shot her orange portal then twisted back. Has to be a bounce up though, otherwise the angle would be wrong for shooting the orange portal on that angled panel.

    • SHe could’ve used one of the aerial faith plates to gain that upward speed, then shot a portal to where she came out.

  • BigLord

    Awesome gif is awesome. I’d love to have that as an avatar :) (after being reduced, that is)

  • Phaelin

    Portal appears without evidence of having been fired. Alrighty then.