Watch Your Step [ IMAGE ]

Ugh, the blade traps have always driven me crazy in the original Legend of Zelda. They are almost as annoying as the Blue Darknuts and the Bubbles, but nothing in the game is as annoying as those friggin’ Bubbles. Luckily they were a little easier to deal with in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link because of the down thrust.


  • Sky Render

    Ah, Traps aren’t the worst enemy in the original Zelda game by any stretch. They’ll only ever hit you if you’re not gung-ho enough. The real horrors are definitely the Wizzrobes, especially the ones that move around instead of teleporting. I swear those things know exactly where they need to be to ensure you get hit as many times per second as possible…

    • Yep, fukken’ blue Wizzrobes. Blue Darknuts? Use bombs to hit a swarm at once. Hit by a bubble? Use the wand, bomb, or arrows in the meantime. The bubbles in the second quest? Same, save the potion for when you’ll need your sword again (that is to say: soon).
      I admit I *still* use the “kill the red ‘Robes, get out, come back, some Blues will now be red” trick.