Warios, Come Out to Play-i-ay! [ IMAGE ]

Warios, Come Out to Play-i-ay!
Can you dig it?
[Via Reddit]


  • Lol I can imagine the type of gang war they’d get into with all of their abilities.

  • DanHayne

    The pika-gang look related to The Tick.

  • belph

    FUND IT!

  • ThePeebs

    I might as well get it out of the way… Did anyone notice the cross-dressing princess peaches? O_O.

    • NickNackGus

      That’s all you noticed? There is also a cross-dressing Wario. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was at least one per gang.

      • ThePeebs

        I noticed them, just was more frightened by the Peaches.

  • decium

    i want to join the captain falcon team. FAALCOON PUUNCH