Wait! It’s Dangerous Out There… [ IMAGE ]

And don’t forget some of these…Sorry, that just popped into my head while posting this.

source: Guilty Filthy Soul
via: Kotaku


  • Sai

    I find it hard to believe no one’s picked Charmander yet.

    • Cosmopolis

      I’m surprised no one’s put sunglasses on Squirtle yet. Everyone knows he’s a badass.

      • TheyCallMeTomu

        Do the sunglasses come with a badass red cape?

    • Undrave

      Dude, Charizard’s got a x4 weakness to rock type attacks! He’d be raped my Stealth Rock or any pokémon with a decent Rock Slide attack!

      • Orangezforus

        That does not change the fact that every child should want a flubbing fire breathing dragon for a pet