Vintage Final Fantasy Posters [ IMAGE ]

How cool would it actually be to have all of these stacked on your shelf as replacement covers for the original games? Granted the cartridge boxes would be a little bulky, it would still be pretty cool.

source: Society6


  • Lumina

    you NEED to sell these. Seriousally.

    Full Sized Posters. All of em. I want em all. Like pokemon.

  • Torticoli

    Okay, so, I want all of them as actual posters, give them to me now, and I will give you all of my money. Or at least part of all of my money. Thanks.

    I’m slightly sad every time someone uses the Dissidia version of Kefka’s face (with the ridiculous clown make-up) but aside from that, they’re all gorgeous. VII and VIII in particular are… yeah, wow.

    • Triaxx2

      Kefka is so genuinely scary that even the make up can’t take that away.

  • Tokoshoran

    I find it unfortunate that they excluded the rest of the Final Fantasy games.

    All of the crystal saga, all of the tactics… There could be so much more done here.

    • CoolDude

      Soon, soon. All we have to do is wait. Surely they will make part 2. Right?

    • Anon

      Follow the link, there’s already a tactics one.

      • Tokoshoran

        Oh, cool! I got to see part of what I wanted, I’m happy enough.

  • Rorinthas


  • Chaos

    Why are these not already on my wall.