Video Game Models Are So Bad… [ IMAGE ]

Are you joking? Stuff like that takes mad haxorz skills!

original version via: Reddit


  • meh

    Not many people on the Reddit seem to be picking this up, but it’s definitely Mario Kart Wii. Not 64, not Double Dash. You can’t exactly get 12th place in any other Mario Kart game. She clearly just turned her Wii on, started the game and posed for the picture (hence the LOSING).

    • meh

      …But at least she’s holding the controller right…

    • Candy

      not to mention if she’s playing mario kard there’s zelda in the system.

  • Look, she’s “pretending” to play video games like she’s “pretending” to be interested in you. A hundred bucks only goes so far.

    • noy

      damn straight.

  • She’s losing because she’s laying on her stomach and too close to the tv set.
    Not even looking at it straight on, to top it off~

  • I’m just curious where the original ad or whatever is located. From whence does this come?

  • Aiden A.

    There’s just way to many wrongs in this ad…..

  • Kevin

    …I kinda want that gold colored N64 system. I dont ever recall there being a special gold edition console packaged with Zelda…was there?

    • Nobody

      Gold N64 was a ToysRUs exclusive color. While it matched the cartridges for pre-order OoT and all MM they were not bundled.

  • Anon

    At least the N64 looks plugged