VG Dogz by Paul Robertson [ IMAGE ]

Can you name them all?

source: Tumblr


  • Can I have only Amaterasu and Chibi?

  • AndrewFoose

    Numbering from left to right:
    #5: Duck Hunt dog
    #7: Amaterasu
    #8: Chibiterasu
    #10: Rush
    #14: Poochyena

    That’s all I got.

  • sfrench

    #3: KK Slider

  • RPG Anonmynous

    He forgot the secret of evermore dogs (changed form depending on time period), as well as the earthbound dogs (carbon dog, diamond dog, runaway dog, zombie dog, chilly dog, chilly dog, stray dog, boney, King.)

    BEside that, cool

  • Who let the dogs out?

    #2 Pseudodog from Stalker?
    #15 Attack Dog from COD: World At War?

  • RPG Anonmynous

    #2 Resident Evil Hell Hound
    #3 KK Slider
    #5 Duck Hunt Dog
    #7: Amaterasu
    #8: Chibiterasu
    #10: Rush
    #14: Poochyena

  • Anonymous

    #1 is those chihuahua dogs from godhand.

  • SJ

    #13 is Koromaru from Persona 3

  • HappyMoose

    2: Resident Evil Dog
    3: KK Slider
    5: Duck Hunt Dog
    6: Amaterasu sans powers?
    7: Amaterasu
    8: Chibiterasu
    10: Megaman Dog
    12: Harvest moon Dog

  • Newbonzy

    peter puppy, mighteyena, houndour, houndoom, growlithe, arcanine, snubbull, granbull, lillipup, herdier, stoutalnd, parrapa, red XIII… Hajime, Mick, Shinobu, Kakeru, and Nene (Cave story), poochy… and all that stuff

  • Anifanatic

    #11 is the dog from Silent Hill 2’s Joke Ending.

  • Chaos


  • Is #4 Iggy from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?! Respect up, dude!

  • Dunno
    Resident Evil
    KK Slider
    Duck Hunt Dog
    I wanna say Hewie from Haunting Ground (If I haven’t mixed it up with another game)
    Ameterasu and Chibiterasu
    Silent Hill dog (From the gag endings)
    Harvest Moon Dog
    Isn’t that a pokemon?
    Disappointed that Peter Puppy (from EarthWorm Jim) isn’t here.

  • Kit

    Can’t believe it tool like 5 comments for the RE dog!

  • LyokoTitan

    I spy Koro-chan from Persona 3! <3

  • Jigu

    “Eh, Poppy!”


  • Rockman

    1: dont’ know
    2: Resident Evil Dog
    3: KK Slider
    4: Iggy the Fool (from Jojo’s Bizzares Adventure). If you don’t know him you’re a fool
    5: Duck Hunt’s dog
    7: Amaterasu
    8: Chibiterasu
    10: Rush
    11: it looks like Hachiko from The World Ends With You. I’m not sure about it
    12: Harvest moon’s dog
    14: Poochyena. Growlite, Houndour/Houndoom and Snabbull were far better than this one.

    The picture lacks Earthbound’s dogs, Missle from Ghost Trick and Poppy (Galford’s dog in Samurai Shadown). Also, what about Chain Chomp and wolf-like Link?

  • Ayersy

    I thought perhaps the Lassie looking dog next to baby Ameratsu could be the default dog from Fable 2/3?

    Seems the only logical option to me.

    • Jixamn

      I believe that #9) is Angelo from FFVIII

  • NickNackGus

    #14 is Poochyena, can’t recognize the rest, I’m going to trust the comments (With any luck the commenter played these games).

    Now what are they barking at?
    “Is that…? It is! A person! We like persons! Welcome to the site!” (I would use proper grammar, but I’m trying to use the type of grammar I expect from a dog that doesn’t know English anyway.)

  • AcehasTVirus

    2. Resi Evil Dog
    5. Duck Hunt Dog
    7. Amaterasu
    8. Chibi Amaterasu
    10. Rush
    11. Silent Hill Dog
    12. Harvest Moon dog
    13. Koromaru Persona 3
    14. Poochyena

  • 1-Godhand Chihuaua
    2-Resident Evil Zombie Dog
    3-K.K. Slider
    4-Iggy the Fool (Didn’t see that coming!)
    5-Duck Hunt Dog
    6-Hewie from Haunting Ground
    8-SUPAKAWAIIDESU Chibiterasu
    9-FF8’s Angelo
    10-Rush, derp.
    11-That evil bastard dog from Silent Hill 2
    12-Harvest Moon Pooch
    15-…..I’m caling that as a Hound of War, a unit an old PS2 RPG which I can’t remember the name of.

  • Talt

    You missed Wolf Link and some way coole dog pok’mons. And maybe the dog from Harvest Moon?

  • Angel Xtreme

    11 is Missile, from Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick… I think…

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I don’t see Pa Rappa the Rapper. Wait, was he a dog? I guess anthro dogs don’t really count anyway…

    • Blur

      Then explain KK Slider. :D

  • WorMzy

    #12 is Koro, from Harvest Moon. Shame on all you people calling him “Harvest Moon dog”. :P

    • In everyone’s defense, he’s only called “Koro” in the original game (at which point you can change it to whatever you want).

  • Roddd

    1 – God Hand’s Poison Chihuahua (it’s so sad people don’t know this one :( )
    2 – Resident Evil Dog
    3 – Totakeke
    4 –
    5 – Duck Hunt Dog
    6 –
    7 – Amaterasu
    8 – Chibiterasu
    9 –
    10 – Rush
    11 –
    12- Harvest Moon dog
    13 – Persona 3 Dog (forgot his name)
    14 – Pokemon
    15 –

  • Ido013

    Amaterasu is not a dog, it’s a wolf! It’s even the title of the game Ookami (aka wolf) lmao.

    • belph

      Not sure if troll, or just REALLY stupid……

      • Neko

        You forgot the third option… that he’s correct. Ookami (狼) is Japanese for wolf.

        • Halrawk

          Dogs are wolves, wolves are dogs…

  • Noctemsorrow

    6 – I belive its from Shadow Dancer not hauting ground.