Vertical Columns [ IMAGE ]

In the world of Tetris, Columns‘ pieces are gods.

Nonetheless, I actually think this could be a pretty good premise for a game. Different types of puzzle pieces from different games that interact differently. Could get complicated, but could be fun, as well.


  • BigLord

    I imagine how strange it would be if Bejeweled pieces showed up, though.

  • Sir VG

    I’m sure if you start spouting ideas, SOMEBODY will develop something. Look what happened to xkcd in regards to Heaven and Hell Tetris.

  • Josher
  • Triaxx

    Wouldn’t work. The piece is too short for tetris and the colors are all wrong for Bejeweled..

  • Nostalgia. I used to play Columns so much that I’ve even managed to max all three counters in the game while playing.