Us Always Will Fight 4 Our Princesses [ IMAGE ]

Cute picture; horrible grammar.

Time for a serious discussion. Does anyone know at what point poor grammar became cute? Was it LOLCats or maybe instant messaging?

It takes a lot more effort to think about and say, “Us always will fight 4 our princesses” than “We will always fight for our princesses.” I’m not here to criticize anyone, I’m just curious.

source: deviantART


  • Jnite

    Went to the artist’s DeviantArt page. Doesn’t seem that English is his native language. If you read the descriptions for any of his pictures, this becomes clear. I may be wrong but I think it is Spanish. I don’t think this is an issue of him trying to be cute. It looks like an unintentional grammar mistake do to different languages.

    • I don’t natively speak Spanish, but I could still tell whether a sentence structure is that far off. Besides, he is using numbers instead of words. Which language does that? And he would have to know that four and for homophones in order to do it. I’m going to have a to call shenanigans on this one.

      • Jnite

        If you replace Us with We it makes more sense in my opinion. That sounds like a grammar issue that may happen. Just saying. I don’t think it’s that hard to believe.

      • Jnite

        Sorry for double replying, but I can’t edit my previous post. I forgot you mentioned the same thing that We makes more sense than Us. If this was a case of an Native English speaker I would be agreeing with you. But going by what seems to be the language he uses for everything he writes in descriptions and such, and also judging from his other similar works where he doesn’t ever do this, I can’t help but get the feeling that this wasn’t intentional. If I’m wrong, it’s not a big deal to me. Just stating what I feel base on what I’ve looked at.

        Also, using actual numbers instead of words isn’t that uncommon for lower number like 1-10. It’s often quicker, simpler, and takes less room. Plus I can’t help but think it looks better in a stylish sense.

        • saim

          I’m brazilian. I speak portuguese, wich is pretty close to spanish (I do a little spanish too).
          I can tell he did the mistakes on purpose. Unless he’s not from a spanish origin. Chinese, or something like that.
          Anyway, using “4” for “for” requires an understanding in english that you just can’t get by mistake.

        • Keisou

          I’m a native Spanish speaker, and I can tell you that he’s using the proper Spanish structure. Mixing structures is pretty common, so I’m guessing it’s just a mistake.

          If he wanted to use bad grammar, he probably wouldn’t have written everything properly.

          And using ‘4’ as ‘for’ is just as complicated as using ‘U’ as ‘you’, really |:

  • yue

    If only those princesses could stop getting kidnapped every 5 minutes.

  • PrinceJonathan

    And those princesses will NEVER PUT OUT!

    Seriously I bet after the princess is saved, and the ending credits are done rolling, the Hero and the Princess just stand there and go “ok…now what?”, “umm…so I’ll see you same time next week then?”, “yeah…sure”.

    • Ser Carter

      What about the ending of Zelda 2?

  • Svafa

    I’m willing to gamble that finding poor grammar cute is older than the written word. It’s the same reason people gurgle and babble at babies and little animals. :/