Understanding Why [ IMAGE ]

Awww…Then again, maybe this is just his way of not getting in trouble with some of the other stuff he might say.

via: Super Superfluous


  • BigLord

    >needs a healer
    >NES controller.


  • Marvin

    I think the NES controller was used because it is one of the most recognizable gaming controllers. It had little to do with the text around the controller, and NES games are popular in memes for some reason .

    • mely

      I think so, too.

      most games with such gameplay (melee + healers) are MMORPGs.
      It think it wouldn’t be nice to put 2 mouse in there. =p

      • FuzzyWulfe

        Yeah, the Nintendo controller is iconic of all gaming in general. If you use anything else, it’ll start a fan war.