Uncanny Super X-Men Bros. [ IMAGE ]

All this is missing is an accompanying Brotherhood of Mutants version with King Koopa as Magneto, Vivian as Scarlet Witch and someone other than Toad as Toad.

source: deviantART


  • Guy

    Wouldn’t Wart be a good Toad?

  • HarryKim

    It’s-a-me! Wolverine!

    • VicDamone


  • TNK

    Wario would definitely need to be Sabertooth.

  • Chaos

    Luigiclops looking like a total boss.

  • H3xx

    Donkey Colossus, rockin’ the Pompadour!

  • brefin

    While I realize it’s a little out of context… Kirby would be a better Rogue the Yoshi. After all, he does steal other people’s power…