Ukiyo-e Heroes [ IMAGE ]

Jed Henry has started a series of Japanese woodblock print designs that re-imagine classic game characters in samurai form. These are just the first four entries in series, but he has promised that he will be adding new ones pretty regularly.


  • kvp

    Very good pictures! I think the depiction of link is pretty authentic, considering the theme and technology level of his games. The funniest is mario cart, i think nintendo should make the title (could be called Mariocart Meiji).

  • psylensse

    I just noticed the shadowy figures behind Megaman are three of the bosses! the attention to detail on the Mario Kart one is sheer fantasticness

    • OmegaZxA

      Yes, Metal, Quick and Shadow.

  • Chaos

    This is fucking awesome.

    I’m speechless.

  • Oh, yeh! I saw these when just the Samus and Megaman ones were out.

  • BigLord

    This is glorious. MORE!!!!

  • I remember, cuz I said that the Metroids look like distended anuses…


  • PrinceJonathan

    What no “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”?

    • Jao

      OH YOU ^^

  • Jao

    I specially like samus and mario kart. There’s something about link’s background and megaman’s floatiness and the bosses that doesn’t quite feel like they belong, tough…

    Amazing, amazing job nonetheless.

  • Triaxx2

    Awesome, but I’m pretty sure that Megaman’s cannon is on the wrong arm.

  • El Brandino

    I was gonna be easy about Samus not being blonde, cuz she still looks bad ass, and thought the artist was going to a traditional japanese look, but … link.. is blonde in his …so… huh???