Truth About Professor Oak Exposed [ IMAGE ]

Truth About Professor Oak
I saw this image on Reddit and thought it was a rather funny revelation. But what really made me laugh was some of the comments that Redditors left about it.

Gravity13 – “I know where Ash’s mom sleeps now.”

earbrocolli – “They don’t call him Oak for nothing. He has perpetual wood if you know what I mean.”

airwalkery2k – “Let’s get Ash out of the house for a few years. Oh, I know! Go catch ’em all and don’t come back until you do.”

TheDragonzord – “Are you a boy, or a girl?”

optravisprime – “So my first Pokédex and Squirtle were the Pokémon world’s child support?”

wookieface – “With that many children, no wonder he can’t remember his grandson’s name.”