Truth About Professor Oak Exposed [ IMAGE ]

Truth About Professor Oak
I saw this image on Reddit and thought it was a rather funny revelation. But what really made me laugh was some of the comments that Redditors left about it.

Gravity13 – “I know where Ash’s mom sleeps now.”

earbrocolli – “They don’t call him Oak for nothing. He has perpetual wood if you know what I mean.”

airwalkery2k – “Let’s get Ash out of the house for a few years. Oh, I know! Go catch ’em all and don’t come back until you do.”

TheDragonzord – “Are you a boy, or a girl?”

optravisprime – “So my first Pokédex and Squirtle were the Pokémon world’s child support?”

wookieface – “With that many children, no wonder he can’t remember his grandson’s name.”



  • Scott Hall

    This is funny and all, but Dueling Analogs doesn’t need to be like a secondhand reddit, posting the comments and all.

  • podlowe

    @Scott Hall
    He posted the comments to share what he found most amusing about this. This site can also exist as a spot for him to just put stuff out there, that’s his right as the owner. If he wants to share him, just roll with it, man.

    • I was logging in just to say a similar thing about the comments being my favorite part. Also, wanted to make sure that said people, who made me laugh as hard as they did, got the credit they deserved.

  • avelanch

    hah, that’s pretty good. And not everyone reads reddit, so I’m glad to be alerted to it.

  • Randomgamerdude

    I think this is the reason Nintendo started explaining why the dad isn’t there. Or for once, actually putting the dad in there.
    The Emerald-Ruby-Saphire series is a good example.