Time Travelers Convention [ IMAGE ]

Talk about an elite club…

source: Facebook


  • prime_pm

    You forgot Mr. Peabody

  • theycallmetomu

    Needs Hououin Kyouma.

    And Sam and Max.

    • pierski

      Both Steins;Gate and Sam & Max were awesome rides. I felt bad for Luka.

  • Billy & Ted?

  • indigit4l

    No Crono?

  • IcepickEvans

    I don’t know what the fuck that rabbit thing is, but there are seriously more time travelers than that lot. O.o

    • 2910

      Dude, thats Frank from Donnie Darko.

  • Needs Max Caulfield, even through her time travel powers aren’t as luxurious as those of certain other people…

  • Jonathan Patko

    The lack of Homura Akemi makes me sad…

  • Anonymous

    Not seen,
    Terminator: Would not have mentioned if it was a one-off (eg Heroes). I suppose Terminator’s iconic Traveler (Schwarzenegger) may not fit the comic’s tone.
    Steins;Gate: A more saturated time theme than any selection here, mine or his. IMO any ‘parallel worlds’ setting just means “Shift to the perfect universe and be done.” though.
    Wakfu: Because Noximilien is a time lord who actually acts like one. His origins sidestory is probably on youtube for a quick watch.
    Homestuck: Even assuming the tangled clusterfuck has inconsistencies, few have ever attempted the clusterfuck’s scale. It’s built on the ‘stable loops’ setting (albeit modified) which is the only other technically-valid scenario for time travel universes.

    Honorable mentions,
    Prince of Persia (SoT): Some more games adopted mechanics/themes after this.
    Haruhi: The only Eastern has-timetravel-as-sideshow series I might place over the obscurity check. Fuck Endless Eight though.

  • No Terminator? Crono? Blendin Blandin? Future Twilight Sparkle (AKA Twilight Plissken)?