They Sent Him to Detention [ IMAGE ]

I’m honestly not sure why this picture entertains me as much as it does, but I do know the pose and look on his face are priceless.

source: QuickMeme


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Stupid dub, using the Shadow Realm as an all purpose consequence of defeat. That’s not what it is! It’s the place used to enforce the rules of the shadow games! GAWD!

    • Phaelin

      What *were* the consequences of defeat anyway? I would imagine literal death, but I’m not so sure with that series. (I still preferred it before it went all card-game – not to sound all hipster, of course.)

      • Marcus

        It depended on the situation. It wasn’t always death. It the manga the shadow realm is where the games took place and the consequence of losing was either death or some kind of ironic or fitting punishment, but the bad guys usually tried to cheat at fair games and lost that way.
        The dub was annoying cause it replaced things like buzz-saws that would literally saw the loser’s legs off to “teleportation saws that tranzport u to da shadow relem.

        • Triaxx2

          Because American children are too stupid to be allowed to realize there are actual consequences for actions.

          • David

            To be fair you’re talking about the consiquences of a card game in a TV show. I hate the stupid censorship anime gets to turn it from Japanese kids shows to American kids shows, but unless I missed the section of the rules written by Jigsaw from Saw there are no consiquences to the action of playing a game of Duel Monsters. It’s not like GI Joe where everyone spends 18 minutes shooting at each other then just walks away unscratched.

  • Raian the Fallen

    The virginity is strong with this one.

    • Phaelin

      Try to take my virginity? You just activated my trap card!

  • Haohmaru

    Who’s he kidding, he’s never gotten detention.