The Unbuyable Amiibo [ IMAGE ]

Nintendo’s in a weird place right now. Amiibos are in high demand. If Nintendo increases the availability of the harder to find Amiibos, they can sell more but it might exceed the demand and oversaturate the market. If they keep production at the current level, Nintendo will have to continue to deal will a backlash from irate customers. Either scenario has its own positives and negatives.

Personally, I think Nintendo might increase the production of quality of Amiibos, but only ever slightly. They probably likes that the Amiibos are in high demand will want to keep it that way as long as they can.


  • Sky Render

    Production of anything in the sorts of quantities that Amiibos are being made in require several months’ notice to the factories responsible if they want to get anything resembling a reasonable price. Thus any response they make will be several months out at best. Think of it like signal delay, only instead of a few milliseconds, the delay’s 3 to 6 months. This often results in what’s known as the Bullwhip Effect, wherein response to the needs of the market back when production changed ultimately are not in line with what the market needs when the product actually reaches the market. The end result is a surplus of goods well after interest has passed. One way to combat that problem is to generate and maintain hype about the rarity of a product, but that only works so well. The prospect of keeping the majority of potential customers interested half a year after release is a daunting one to anyone in business.