The Professor and His Starters [ IMAGE ]

Craig McCracken, make this happen!

source: RedBubble
via: Gamefreaks


  • thewood

    As if Pokemon weren’t cutesy enough already! We need some badass Pokemon, with brutal battle animations and stuff! Have Charizard actually incinerate enemies! Much better. I vote for next Pokemon game to be M rated.

    • Boots

      I agree! It would be aw

    • Boots

      I agree! It would be awesome!

    • tustin2121

      I agree, the next one should be M rated because it is A MASSIVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME!!! …and, uh, they didn’t implement a proper filter system on chat messages.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      Yeah and why don’t we have mario make blood and gore whenever he stomp or somthing. Or why not make Kirby… uhhh. I was going to make a joke about him but I just realized he’s already quite the pshycotic thing already.

    • Darchias

      While I approve of a more mature themed Pokemon game, I don’t think it should be done by just adding gore. More thought being put into letting ten-year-olds set to wander the wilds and maybe addressing some of the inconsistencies with Pokedex entries would be enough.