The Original and Still the Best! [ IMAGE ]

My starter Pokémon and your starter Pokémon were sittin’ by the fire…

Never Forget - Original Starter Pokemon

source: CLRLYWRNG.


  • *manly tear*

  • R.Trithardt

    I’ll always choose squirtle and give him the black shades to hold. Otherwise he won’t be as cool as the one from the cartoon.

    • Redsleeves

      Except that if your pokemon are able to hold items, you’re clearly not playing the original.

      • R.Trithardt

        Alas, my original has no more life in it. So I’m forced to use firered.

  • Chaos

    My favorite starter will always be Piplup now.

    I mean seriously, a starter that turns into a Steel subtype? Holy shit yes, sign me up.

  • Painstream

    Bulbasaur – Easy mode. Who needs skill when you can Grass-whip two entire gyms?
    Squirtle – Normal mode. Sure, you can coast through Pewter, but you have some growing to do to keep up the pace.
    Charmander – Hard mode. Can’t burn Rock or Water, so you gotta WORK for those victories. But play it right, and you get a Flying/Fire type that can learn Dig and wipe out the entire Cinnabar Gym in one go. ^_^

    Ah, memories.

    • You can burn Rock and Water if you grind enough. :P

      I used to walk out of the forest with Charmeleon, while Misty got to deal with Charizard.

  • Jarrett

    Mudkip has always been my favorite.

    On another note, anyone playing Pokemon Conquest? I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

    • Gathma

      I would have gotten it in a heartbeat, but alas, my poor DS and DSLite are far too damaged to play the game.

  • Phaelin

    Squirtle is not watching the GameBoy. #yourmindisblown

  • CoolDude

    I agree, but, B&W is a rebirth and a new beginning