The Mega Morning Routine [ IMAGE ]

I get the feeling that Mega Man and Kirby have similar tailors.

source: Drawsgood
via: Shirtoid


  • Phaelin

    Nice! This is why he was almost called Rainbow Man in Japan.

  • omniaus

    Would look good on a shirt.

    • MimicMan06

      It is a shirt. The image link is from shirtoid which is a tumblr page showing shirts and it’s the shirt of the day on Teefury

      • Halrawk

        TeeFury only lets you buy the shirt of the day? I want that shirt SO bad, but it was yesterdays :(

        • Halrawk

          Also, missed it by like 15 minutes, which sucks the big one.

        • Unfortunately, yes – you can only buy that day’s shirt.