The Many Lives of Diglett [ IMAGE ]

This reminds me of VG Cats100 Kirbies! and that’s not a bad thing at all…

I love these kinds of things. How else do you explain my desire to create 48 different non-regulation Poké Balls over the past two and a half years?

Nonetheless, my favorite one of these is definitely the flying type of Diglett, but the normal type is definitely a close second. What’s yours?


  • Kaye

    That Mega hair, though…

  • I used to draw “Punk Rock Diglett” (with a twelve string guitar, mohawk and sunglasses), “Cheerleader Diglett” (with a blonde ponytail and pom-poms), “Sir Diglett” (with a lance and knight’s helmet), and “Mr. Diglettsworth” (with a top hat, monocle and cane). There were more, but those were the really cool ones. Diglett is my favorite Pokemon, by the way, so this makes me very happy.