The Many Faces of Link [ IMAGE ]

It’s another ensemble of the various incarnations of Link, from The Legend of Zelda franchise, over the years. This one is just a little more cheeky than others.


  • Armane

    It’s missing 5 Links. Minish Carp, Four Swords Adventures, LoZ/AoL Link, ALBW Link, and Fat Conductor Link.

    • Spliced

      I like how you managed to give your nerd props along with keeping the same spirit of the comic

  • ThisIsNotDan

    I’m glad he mentioned that the “Hyrule Warriors” name is not final, since he so faithfully preserved the names of the other Zelda games shown.

  • Erthshade

    When did the first Link have a cape?

    • Lain

      In the manga he does indeed wear a cape.