The Legend of Peach [ IMAGE ]

I’m not sure that a Legend of Zelda/Super Mario Bros. crossover in the opposite direction would work quite as well, but this…THIS I would definitely play.


  • PrinceJonathan


  • Adjudicator

    After seeing so many concepts of games that have great potential, I think it’s time for Nintendo to up their ante. I don’t think they can really keep people playing: New neu nouveau nuevo Super Mario Bros X now with more coins to collect. -Yeah! Remember those coins you collected in the recent games where you ended up with near 450 lives?. Yes collect more of them!-
    Still waiting for a real Pokemon 3D game, you know the one every kid dreamed about when Nintendo 64 was announced, something similar to Skyrim but with Pokemon. No idea why Nintendo isn’t financing these kind of games, it’s not like they won’t make a trilion dollars in sales, considering the same old formula handheld pokemon games sell like hotcakes.

    • Mogra

      “Considering the same old formula of Mario games sell like hotcakes.” Fixed that for you. See what I did there? Works with Zelda too. Would work with Metroid and Star Fox too, but Nintendo jumped the shark with those.

  • PrinceJonathan

    I just had a thought…what’s with the hammer? Mario’s trademark weapon, whenever he’s carrying one, has always been a Hammer. And a really big hammer at that. But why? Seems like a funny tool for a Plumber to use, then again I don’t know much about what goes into a plumber’s tool-belt.

    Wouldn’t a wrench, plunger, or snake-thing make more sense for his profession?

    Another thing, I haven’t seen him called in to fix pipes since the old old Mario Bros game where you punched turtles from below the floor. I guess all the coins he picks up in his adventures is way more pay than a plumbers so he quit his job XD! …to be a fat Italian guy with a drug addiction who most likely beats his brother and girlfriend, which is why she always runs to Bowser every week and Luigi is a nervous wreak.

    Ooooo somebody do Bowserdorf!!!

    • DMC

      Mario was a carpenter in the original Donkey Kong. Then there’s the Hammer Bros. in SMB 3 and numerous other Mario-games, whose abilities Mario could use with a specific item. So I guess it has stuck.

  • Metal C0Mmander

    Maybe he just like to know when his gloves are clean or not. Or he may also like to feel that they are clean when he washes them.