The Legend of Metroid Bros. [ IMAGE ]

Let’s see. We have…Samus Aran wearing a tunic and stomping Goombas in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario wearing the Power Suit and shooting a Gleeok in Hyrule, and Link wearing overalls and blasting Metroids on the planet Zebes. Works for me.


  • BigLord

    I think Link got the short end of the trade-off… Everyone else will actually be able to kill their enemies. Link will just make those metroids mad! D:

    • Jeff

      Right? If only he’d grabbed the ice flower instead. Need to learn the customs of a new place before you go there trying to kill stuff.

    • Tokoshoran

      Totally what I was thinking when I saw that, too. But who knows, maybe he lucked out and is actually facing Mocktroids instead?

  • Oscar

    For a second there, I thought Link grew bewbs, then realized that the artist also switched clothing on them