The Last Console of Krypton [ IMAGE ]

So if DC Comics’ console parodies align themselves with Nintendo, then who do Marvel parodies align themselves with?

source: Twisted Lil Doodles


  • BigLord

    Took a while to get the joke, hahahahaha nice one! :lol:

    • CS

      Same here – I was thinking “Why is the Nintendo a hipster? Is it because it was an Entertainment System BEFORE it was super?”

  • mlsterben

    Dat “than.”

  • Jarrett

    I’m bothered by the nes controlller.

    • Davvolun

      It’s not an NES, it’s a **Super** NES. You know, because this is on Krypton…

  • Roah

    Guys… The one with the glasses is Kent, the one without is Superman… Get it?

  • Jaybonaut

    Needs a cape.