The Difference 30 Years Can Make [ IMAGE ]

It really is insane just how much technology has advanced in such a relatively short amount of time.

You want another technological comparison? The Atari 2600 had 418 different games originally released for it. On average, most games released for the Atari 2600 were under 4k in size. That means that 75% of the games originally released could fit on a single 1.44 MB 3½-inch floppy disk. That’s just crazy.

source: Reddit


  • Kal

    back when games were real games, and not money grubbing time wasters

    • Oh? When was this? Back when Coin operated Arcades were all the rage?

    • Ace1h

      You can beat most NES games under 3 hours. A nes game back then costed the same as games today. Nes games were way more money grabbing than time wasters

      • Cartridges cost more because of the hardware inside of them. For modern consoles, the games and hardware are completely separate. That’a additional costs that you no longer incur.

      • Actually, a lot of games were designed to be time wasters back then. Many of the developers back then were coming from making games on arcade machines. Games on arcade machines are purposefully designed to be difficult so that you would would take longer and have to put more coins in. Games like Gauntlet, where your health continually decreases, or like Ghosts ‘n Goblins, where you’ll die over and over and over.

        Some examples of games made with this kind of design philosophy, are Contra, Metal Storm, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Double Dragon. Oh, almost forgot Battletoads.

        It took them a while to realize that they can’t design games like that, since while in arcades, people could continue putting coins in, where as in home console releases they had no option to keep on continuing after all the lives and continues were used. So either games had to become easier, or included some feature to allow continuing such as saves or infinite continues..