The Dark Side of the Mew [ IMAGE ]

A Pink Floyd and Pokémon mashup…How can this not be awesome?!

source: TeeFury


  • Tatosgr

    I think that Eevee, you guys.

  • IG84

    It’s called “Dark Side of the Mew” because it sounds more like “Dark Side of the Moon” than “Dark Side of the Eevee” does.

    They could have called it “Dark Side of the Moon Stone,” but no, people would have pointed out Eevee doesn’t evolve with that Stone either…

    • Ariso


    • Sacul

      “Dark side of the mon” would have worked.

      • J

        Yeah, that would have definitely been best.

        • H3xx

          But poke’mon doesn’t continuously use the word mon outside of the name, unlike digimon.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    The Bulbasaur is on the grass…

  • Xuncu

    *plays The Pokemaster of Oz with this album on 11 on the background*

  • Xuncu

    Tauros Bill crossdresses while Goodbye Rapidash plays in the background.
    Inspector Cleusau stumbles to the tune of The Pink Persian
    The hit brodway musical, Bye Bye Pidgey
    And, of course, The Goddamn Zubatman.