The Cake is Delicious [ IMAGE ]

I love Portal related humor…And Portal related pastries, too!

source: Life in a Day
via: Geeks are Sexy


  • Ryu

    “That is cooking with Portals.”

  • Marcus

    How does iot glow?

    • PrinceJonathan

      In the middle of the two cakes is a white cable, so I’m guessing fairy/christmas lights.

  • The Cake is Lye

    The portal gun appears to contain a black light. There are many ingredients that could be added to frosting to make it fluoresce.

  • Matt

    That is just awesome. I’m guessing the wires sticking out of the cake boards might have something to do with the glowing.

  • eon

    hmm, looks like the portal ring is a coil of fairy lights under something to difuse the light?