That’s Our Diglett! [ IMAGE ]

This made me laugh.

source: Reddit


  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    Y’know, I’ve always wondered, does Diglett have a bottom? And if so, could it go on a chair?

    • According to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (I forget which one), he has feet (and all of the characters are like, “He has feet!? O_O”). Shocked me too. I guess this is one of those closely-guarded video game secrets where the only true answer is guarded by monks up in the mountains… like Meta Knight’s face or where Tom Nook sleeps at night.

      • Clearn

        It’s in red/blue rescue team.

      • Armane

        But we know what Metaknights face looks like, he’s like a cuter Kirby.

        • ed

          in nightmare in dreamland when you beat meta knight his mask breaks and you see his face. i’m not sure if that happened in the original Kirby’s Adventure or not but his face definitely is shown. He looks like a blue Kirby

          • White Rice

            Going back to NES Kirbys Adventure, when you beat Meta Knight his mask does get cut, and (if memory serves) half of it falls off (it’s black/some dark color underneath, but this is NES on an old tube TV, so details are scarce) and he quickly covers his face with his cape & jumps away. It was also one of the most fun fights, if only because of the whole “who is the mysterious masked baddie?” aspect.

            Good times, good times.

  • 2910

    haha, this is rly cute

  • Chaos

    I want a Diglett. :(

  • Mouser

    Gary doesn’t dig that Diglett! (oh no!)
    Gary doesn’t dig that Diglett! (let’s go!)