Team Fortress 2 Then and Team Fortress 2 Now! [ IMAGE ]

Now with more hats!

source: Reddit


  • Don’t get it.

    • Lijo

      Basically, TF2 started releasing new items and hats these last few years. Once you equip them to their specific characters, they start looking like that. Everything is a bit more ridiculous, but at least its still more fun than say, Halo and COD.

  • Bonkers

    >implying that being a scottish cyclops with a frying pan and targe isn’t the greatest idea in a video game ever.

  • Crazydog

    I didn’t notice that TF2 has become more compressed. The more you know.

  • Pie

    Clearly, the BLU team kidnapped this poor demoman and made him fight against his RED comrades. The brainwashing techniques they employed had a few… side effects.