Super Odinson Bros. [ IMAGE ]

This is where the rift between Thor and Loki began. Thor wanted to be called the Hammerhead Brothers and Loki wanted to be called the ruler of Asgard.

source: deviantART


  • JennM42

    I would buy the shit out of this shirt.

    • Nemo

      Screw the shirt, i’d buy the game!

  • Mike

    Do I appear to be in a gaming mood?

    …. well…..

  • PrinceJonathan

    Boy do I feel sorry for Loki. To be born a Frost Giant, basically kidnapped by Odin, feed stories of how “FROST GIANTS ARE BABY EATING MONSTERS”, being raised to believe he had a genuine claim to the throne of Asgard, then to find out later that his entire life was a lie and that he’s one of those baby-eating monsters. The guy just needs a hug…and therapy…lots of therapy.

    I wish I could have stood there next to him when Phil said “you lack conviction” and tell Loki, after I help him to his feet after being blown through the wall. “He’s right you know, about the conviction thing. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just something you’ll have to find. One thing you’ll want to do first though is lose the Scepter. I don’t think the Chitauri are to be trusted. If you want to rule the humans you don’t need an army, your silver tongue and gorgeous face are enough. And who knows you’ll probably do a better job at it than the shitheads we already have!”.

    Oh and Loki riding a koopa shell is just awesome. Though I can’t tell if he’s aiming for the Goombas or at Thor.

    • Goggalor

      “Though I can’t tell if he’s aiming for the Goombas or at Thor.”

      Why can’t it be both?