Super Mario Redesigned

Super Mario Redesigned

Super Mario Redesigned

by Steve Napierski to Images

He might not be as jolly and bouncy, but this interpretation of Mario does seem more logical… Especially in a world of full of talking fungus, floating coin boxes and bullets with arms.

source: deviantART
  • H3xx

    I know they’re supposed to be mushrooms, but his codpiece looks like toast.

    • Shiratzu


  • Triaxx2

    Legend of Peach: A Mario to the Past

    • thewood

      Nah, his costume looks too steampunky to be a Zelda mashup. It’s more like a Fable 3 theme.

  • prime_pm

    Looks rather Dragon Age-esque

  • Sky Render

    That is so not-Mario it almost hurts. Mario is colorful, enthusiastic, and whimsical. That… just looks like someone mashed together Gears of War with Skyrim and added a vague Mario theme.

    • H3xx

      Which is how World of Warcraft was born.