Super Mario Redesigned [ IMAGE ]

He might not be as jolly and bouncy, but this interpretation of Mario does seem more logical… Especially in a world of full of talking fungus, floating coin boxes and bullets with arms.

source: deviantART


  • H3xx

    I know they’re supposed to be mushrooms, but his codpiece looks like toast.

    • Shiratzu


  • Triaxx2

    Legend of Peach: A Mario to the Past

    • thewood

      Nah, his costume looks too steampunky to be a Zelda mashup. It’s more like a Fable 3 theme.

  • prime_pm

    Looks rather Dragon Age-esque

  • Sky Render

    That is so not-Mario it almost hurts. Mario is colorful, enthusiastic, and whimsical. That… just looks like someone mashed together Gears of War with Skyrim and added a vague Mario theme.

    • H3xx

      Which is how World of Warcraft was born.