Super Mario Inception [ IMAGE ]

It just keeps on going…

On a side note, I’m so used to Luigi’s wardrobe palette being green and blue. It’s almost hard to remember that in the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) it was green and white. I kind of imagine if it would have stayed that way, Luigi would be known as the more refined and upper class brother who doesn’t get dirty going down in the sewers…Except for when he get’s pooped on by his sibling, of course.


  • David

    Was it green and white in Super Mario World as well? I can’t remember if I’m thinking of Fire Flower Luigi or maybe All-Stars Luigi, but I seem to remember a higher quality version of the white and green.

    • Sabbo

      That would be All-Stars. Super Mario World definitely had the right colors.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaa

    Red overalls and blue shirt Mario always throws me off a bit more than Luigi’s outfit.