Super Mario Bros. 3 Box Art [ IMAGE ]

If my original NES boxes were animated like this, I would have never thrown any of them away.


  • H3xx

    Once the price of E-paper goes down, this may be possible. Even Harry Potter style family photos.

  • psylensse

    ^I’m an organic chemist/materials scientist who works in conjugated polymer electrochromics (similar to e-ink and e-paper). this is more or less already possible, although the refresh rate would be a bit sluggish. color would be a bit challenging; certainly if it were black and white then a sluggish version yes! but as H3xx says, pricey.

    • H3xx

      Actually, Color is already possible, and the folks at E-Ink have been making strides in the refresh rate.

      Quoted from their product page: “Current Triton displays offer 16 levels of grayscale and are capable of displaying 4096 colors. Color displays made with Triton Imaging Film enable ultra low power and high mobility devices with a paper-like experience, ideal for image-rich information applications such as charts, graphs, maps, photos, comics and advertising. And just like E Ink’s monochrome ePaper products, Triton’s crisp text and detailed color graphics are fully viewable in direct sunlight. “

  • Celes

    If you threw away your boxes you should feel bad. Always.

    • Konoko