Stuff I Learned From Video Games [ IMAGE ]

See parents, there are definitely a lot of life lessons that we can learn from video games.

source: deviantART


  • BigLord

    I love how King Dedede is basically obese when drawn in this artstyle, lmao :lol:

  • Alastor

    Very true

  • Optimus MO’FO Prime

    Does Bass also count as Mega’s family? Or is he just Roll’s crush? Or Megaman’s enemy?

    Also, Proto Man looks ridiculous with that nose. He’s in an awesome pose, though.

    • Jeff

      Yeah, the nose kind of ruins Samus also.

  • If Mega Man was made by Light and Wily, then I guess he and Bass are half-brothers. Not entirely sure how that works with robots, though.

  • Haohmaru

    What’s with the noses? Are they alcoholics too?

    • Falos

      >What’s with the noses? Are they alcoholics too?

      Quoted for emphasis.