So Very Satisfying [ IMAGE ]

So, is the will of the Tetris God!


  • WorMzy

    I.. I think I might cry.

  • No. Just no. That is sooooooo very WRONG!
    And cruel.

  • Z2

    I knew that would happen, but I’m mad about it anyway.

  • …. you motherfucker.

  • Carmeops

    about half the way down i switched from “awwww yeaaaaah” to “don’t you dare fail it” and at the end to “you bastard!”


    As soon as I saw how slowly the piece was falling and how far it had to go, I knew it was going to pull something at the end. I was not disappointed. XD

  • Sep

    I watched it 5 times to see if it would succeed.

  • name_go_here

    Is it wrong that I was rooting for a rotate that would result in blocking the entirety of the “L” shaped hole?

  • Chris

    My balls hurt now…