Smooth Move, Star Fox [ IMAGE ]

Everyone is always trying to create more detailed updates to video games. A new version of the original Star Fox should just have really smooth versions of the original graphics. Sure a new higher quality version would be cool, but this should be more than enough.


  • Slippy


    and a hundred polygons

  • JulieR

    … is it wrong that I keep watching it and expecting it to do a barrel-roll?

    … it’s almost… Pavlovian…

  • Xuncu

    How ’bout the “voices” for a SNES Star Fox Remake? Keep it “Bi-bin-BINK, bi-bink-bink!”, or fully VA’ed?

    • No, they have to be the gibberish too. My favorite thing in that is hearing Falco say, which sounds like, “Redwing dammit!”

  • Well…
  • Bongo

    Haha! My cousin thought the same thing and recreated the boss battle with the Attack Carrier: