Sexy NGP vs. 3DS Comparison [ IMAGE ]

Using a photo of an attractive female in a bikini is definitely a creative way to demonstrate the size differences between the Sony NGP and Nintendo 3DS’ screen resolutions.\

I saw a different version of this image yesterday, but decided to recreate it with a different model since the quality and brightness of the original was lacking something.


  • Flammable Hippie

    Can i get a copy of this woman without the boxes?

  • Xarias

    The screens might be smaller, but 3DS arguably has it where it counts, lol!

    • Flammable Hippie

      Yeah. High priced special effects like Peter Jackson or M. Night Shyamalan.

    • BigLord

      Suddenly, this picture makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks!

  • Angel Xtreme

    I saw one with a different image (maybe the one you saw).
    Definitively this is better.
    I really liked one comment that I saw with the other image:
    “Of course, what the above image fails to capture is that the breasts will be in full 3D…”
    Think about it.

    • firery ninja

      the picture has to be taken in 3d for the picture to show in 3d

  • Morlok8k

    where is the link to the original?

  • odderz

    Now just imagine it in 3D.

    3DS wins of course.

    • Kenny Klein

      There’s a certain merit to logic that I can’t ignore XD

  • liq


    • Wow. The version of the image I used for the picture is a little more “enhanced,” isn’t it?

      • Kat

        You thought her breasts were actually shaped like warped pylons?

  • Shadow Phoenix

    Actually, the 3DS has a resolution of 800×480 for the top screen. The 3D effect presents 400×240 for each eye. Resolution!=size.

  • Hail to the King