Sesame Street Fighter [ IMAGE ]

Last week it was Nickelodeon and this week it’s Sesame Street. I wonder what other awesome Street Fighter mashups the future will behold.

source: deviantART


  • The Hero Hartmut

    Looks like Grolsim’s hands are the wrong way around.

    • You’re right. They are.

      • thewood

        Maybe all his fingers are double-jointed and bent the wrong way? Not that far fetched for a Dhalsim character. Hard to tell which way they are actually oriented since he doesn’t have nails.

  • thewood

    While Piggy and Kermit are not “from” Sesame Street, they were regular characters. The only one I don’t remember ever being on Sesame Street is Rolf, I think he was a Muppets Show exclusive. I could be wrong there.

    Also, the Big Bird/Sagat is definitely my favorite of the bunch!

  • Idiot

    Tickle Me M. Bison!

  • Mallavaughn

    While Rolf and Miss Piggy may never have been on Sesame Street, and Kermit was only on it occasionally, Remember that everyone on Sesame Street are all technically Muppets. Sesame Street is a Jim Henson Production, all of the (non human) characters where made and by Jim Henson Company.

    • Mallavaughn

      Rowlf. sorry.

  • Xuncu

    Now think of Raul Julia with Elmo’s voice.