Tiled for the Holidays [ IMAGE ]

Let’s talk about Words with Friends… I know it’s technically not Scrabble, but let’s be honest here, it is. It’s like saying that Candy Crush Saga is not Bejeweled, but we all know otherwise.

So I have denied all requests to play with “friends” in Words with Friends over the years. Why? Too easy to cheat and no way to prove otherwise. Well, beside the fact that people with a remedial understanding of the English language are using words like muzjiks and syzygy when they play.

With instant access to Google and in turn anagram solvers, it’s just too easy too cheat. Now if you want to sit at a table and play Scrabble with me sometime, I’m all game. Just make sure your smartphone and/or laptop are in plain sight at anytime.

source: PxLMG