Rule 34…Tetris [ IMAGE ]

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it – no exceptions.

This motivational poster of rule 34 is just wrong though. Clever, but still wrong. Really wish I could have taken credit for creating it.


  • Twist

    I recently had the misfortune of coming across My Little Pony porn so yea Rule 34 is very true.

    • Phaelin

      Bronies have made this very widespread lately. I’m shocked you didn’t find it sooner!

  • Mordordevil

    What has been seen, can not be un-seen……

  • Phaelin

    I didn’t see it at first. I thought it was saying Tetris was still innocent and hadn’t been 34’d. Then I looked again. D:

  • Kevin

    Yeah……there is already flash porn versions of Tetris…instead of blocks, naked chicks in the shape of the blocks with “rewards” for clearing stages…..

  • mike

    and..I don’t get it

    • SnoringFrog

      I’m still not seeing it myself

      • The Peebs

        Think of the green block as a chick and it will all make sense.

        • skwirel

          not just green in the middle of purple and lighter-purple, but purple is between blue and green…!

    • Jay

      How can you NOT see it?!

  • Hibi

    I got curious one day, looked to see if there was porn of something, and there wasn’t. No matter how hard I looked. So Rule 34 has been dis-proven.

    • Nobody

      Rule 35: If porn is found of it, it will be made.

      Rule 35 exists to maintain rule 34.

  • Metasheep